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Call For A FREE Consultation: (412) 444-5062
Kerrie Boydman LCSW

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“I know the pain and suffering that issues like addiction, abuse and grief can cause in someone’s life. Both personally and professionally, I know the pressure people endure in today’s society in order to keep going. As children, we are taught how to think, feel and behave. Some of the things we are taught benefit us and others get in our way. Sometimes our patterns are clear to us and other times we lack insight into what makes us tick. Either way, when we find our relationships unsatisfactory, our daily stressors too great or our moods too intense, we know something has to change. My goal is to help you discover what that change is and how to make it happen. Whether you desire a concrete action plan to bring you immediate relief or a safe place to explore uncomfortable emotions, therapy can help.

Let me be there to listen or provide advice. Let me help you to improve your quality of life! I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you…”

-Kerrie Boydman LCSW, Founder and Director of PA Center for Counseling

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    What do our clients have to say?

    "Kerrie has been a big part of my recovery. She has shown me a different way of thinking that helps me put things into perspective. I enjoy meeting with her. She makes me feel like I have promise in my future".